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A small group of keen skiers formed the BISCC because they were thoroughly dissatisfied with ski schools and with the ski instructors they usually encountered.

The incredible achievements and improvements which our members have made in their skiing, through having access to top-flight ski coaching instead of only ski instructors or ski schools is testament to the success of the plan. More skiers have made more progress in less time than could ever have been anticipated.

Not only that, but it's fun too! This is part of a Tignes ski course in November (Got to start early!)

We have numerous cases of nervous skiers, stuck for ages at the early intermediate stage of development - indeed in some cases going backwards - who, in the space of just two or three weeks' of ski coaching over a couple of seasons, are now successfully tackling serious off-piste skiing, and with very competent technique too!

Our specially selected coaches are renowned internationally in the sport for the clarity of their communication, the enjoyable nature of their ski coaching, and the effectiveness of their ski teaching. For full information on how they do what they do for the club members, visit

To see genuine comments about the ski courses, and about the ski teaching, visit - we think you'll be impressed.

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Understand skiing better and you'll ski better.

BISCC commissions technical papers on skis, performance, psychology, technique etc. from respected coaches. These papers are FREE on request. Enter your email address below and we will write back with details of how to get them.