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By using top coaches, BISCC helps small groups of recreational skiers to go to the snow and receive a higher standard of ski teaching. Ski teaching that really works. Much better and more effective than ski schools.

Our ski coaches accompany you to top-class ski learning resorts, and give you highly focused and highly effective fun weeks of skiing improvement. The results are exceptional, and accelerate your development tremendously.

We are open to anyone over 18yrs old. A small group of us created the club so that we could arrange a higher standard of ski teaching for our members. Ski Coaching, Ski Teaching, Ski Learning, Telemarking, Heli-skiing and off-piste skiing courses are the be-all and end-all of why the BISCC exists.

Come skiing with BISCC ski club and you will have access to everything you need to raise your own skiing to new levels, along with like-minded people, in carefully researched and "cherry-picked" ski areas, with selected coaches whose reputations for skilled communication and change-development is unrivalled.

There are plenty of ski clubs whose main raison d'etre is to provide holiday services, or travel, or accommodation or skiing on a dry slope; BISCC exists only to facilitate top-rate international standard coaching for British recreational skiers, on snow.

We use only top British international coaches, people qualified in fact to train ski instructors, to design and run our alpine performance courses. When we run off-piste courses we use highly qualified locally based indigenous high mountain guides to ensure maximum safety.

To find out in detail how the process works, please visit

Increase Your Knowledge!

Understand skiing better and you'll ski better.

BISCC commissions technical papers on skis, performance, psychology, technique etc. from respected coaches. These papers are FREE on request. Enter your email address below and we will write back with details of how to get them.